Installation Network/Floating Licenses

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To be able to use ReqEdit Premium as floating, first you must install the ReqEdit license server. Please download the linked license server here.

This computer must be reachable by all ReqEdit users via port 1947. Please make sure that no firewall / virus scanner blocks this port.

You need to have rights to install software (mostly this is an administrative account) to be able to install the software.


Info:  The installation need to me made on the "future" license server.


Please enter "cmd" in the windows search bar to open the command line window. After that please add the command:

haspdinst -i

to start the installation. You can find an extended manual if you double-click on the program in the Windows File Manager.

To check the status of the installation execute the command

haspdinst -info

The version of the "Installed Package Drivers" need to be 8.21

License activation

Goto the license server webpage http://localhost:1947 and select the "Sentinel Key" item. 


press the "Fingerprint" button and save the c2v file in the downloads folder.  

Step 1: Got to the customer login page You need to insert the product key to login.


Step 2: Select "Offline Activation".

Step 3: Upload the created .c2v file.

Step 4: Click the "Generate" button and save the .v2c file to a folder you like.

Step 5: Download the generated V2C file.

Step 6: Upload to your local license server http://localhost:1947 in the menu "Update/Attach".


Step 7: Check in in the menu "Products", if the license was correct inserted/updated.



Download windows version: .EXE   .ZIP

Download linux version: .TAR


See also: Delete/Unistall network license server


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