ReqEdit Offline Activation -- Only for older ReqEdit versions

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The offline activation steps (no internet connection necessary):

Step 1: Open the web browser and go to https://license.reqteam.com/ems/customerLogin.html. Log in with your product key.

Step 2: Click on the "Offline Activation Button".

Step 3: Download the RUS Tool from the web

Step 4: Open rus_owozq.exe from the download folder.

Step 5: Select " Installation of new protection key " if you are installing a ReqEdit license for the first time. Click the "Collect Information" button and save the .c2v file in a folder you like.

NOTE: The information collected from your computer will only be used temporarily for licensing purposes and will not be saved permanently.

You have an actual C2V file

Step 6: Got to the customer login page and upload the created .c2v file.

Step 7: Click the "Generate" button and save the .v2c file to a folder you like.

Step 8: Go to the rus tool, click the "Apply License File" panel button and upload the created .v2c. file.

Step 9: Click the "Apply Update" button. You will receive a confirmation text after the license has been successfully activated.

Step 10: Open ReqEdit. You can check your license info by accessing Help -> License Info in ReqEdit main menu.

You can also find the activation steps along with the corresponding screenshots in the installation section of ReqEdit manual.

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