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If your license is arriving the expire date or even some days before we will provide you an update key (file ending .V2C) and you request a new one.

A) You do not have a license manager installed

You need to activate this license with your "LicenseActivation" tool from ReqEdit client. Select offline activation and press the "Activate" button and select the V2C File ti update your license.

B) You have a license manager installed and you don't have a V2C file

Alternatively you can update automatically if you have installed a license server (Admin Control Center in the minimum version 7.9) on the computer that holds the license. You need to open the url https://license.reqteam.com/ems/customerLogin.html on this computer and click license update.

C) You have a license manager installed and you have a V2C file

Login to your local license server. Go to the menu Update/Attach. Select the V2C file for upload and press the "Apply File" button.

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