License Activator Documentation (2021)

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On the first start the application will look for an active license, if it is not found please use LicenseActivation.exe to activate online or offline.


1.Online Activation

1.1 Network license:
Fill in the URL or IP Address for network license server for example: reqedit.mycompany.com or, if your company uses proxy server please fill in the details in the [Proxy Settings] button


Press [Select] to use and test the current config.

1.2 Local license:

New product key: Enter here the received product key
Use existing key: If you already have a license key
Update the existing product key: Enter the existing key above to update it

Press [Select] button to activate the license key


2.Offline Activation

On First Use, select [First install]

On first use please generate a new C2V file by selecting the [First install] then click on [Generate] and save the resulting file.

The resulting C2V file has to be sent to ReqTeam for activation. You will receive a V2C file.

For activating the license please press [Activate] then select the received V2C file.

Close the License Activator app.

Update the already existing ReqEdit license, select [Update]

Press [Generate] to get the C2V file for the update, repeat the activation process from the first use case.


3. License info

Will show the current license info with all the details in it.

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