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Sometimes ReqEdit reports a validation error during opening a document. See here an example:

That means that the file is not corresponding the defined pattern/schema for a ReqIF file. There are two components which will be checked, one is the structure of the ReqIF, which is the XML part. The second part is the XHTML part, which is mostly related to the formatting of the text in your document.

We do not recommend to work on invalid documents! But if you want to open the file, it is possible to switch off the validation of the "text formatting" part, by switch off the XHTML Validation. The current state you can see at the left bottom of your ReqEdit window:

XHTML validation turn on/off

To turn off or on the XHTML validation go to the settings menu and select the user settings.

After the selection a new window is popping up, and you can switch at the bottom of this window the XHTML validation "on" or "off" in a checkbox.

After save the settings, you see the changed state in the bottom left of the ReqEdit window.

We recommend to have the XHTML Validation on!

To have the validation off could led to wrong display of your text content, missing attachments or images and maybe causes also to problems with your communication partner during the data exchange.

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