ReqEdit and IBM Doors Next -- Avoid doubling attributes and attribute types on update

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On import of ReqEdit created file to DOORS Next, it could happen, that the attribute types and attributes will be created new, even on an update.

This is related to the missing Namespace definition of these items (See https://haunkofer.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/preparing-doors-classic-environment-for-a-migration-to-doors-next-generation/).

To avoid this behaviour there are 2 ways to fix this behaviour:

1. After initial importing the ReqIF file to DNG, reexport the content before updating data in it. If you use the reexported ReqIF file, the namespaces are already defined.

2. Adding the namespace definition for each of the attributes manually via ReqEdit XML editor. In later versions, you will have the possibility to add the namespace in the attribute and attribute type definition admin interface.

        <!-- attribute type namepsace definition --> 
    <!-- attribute namepsace definition -->  
This extension need to be done for each of the attribute types and attributes which should not be duplicated on update.


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