Transfer license from one PC to another

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To transfer an user license from an old PC to a new PC you need the RUS tool on both PCs.

RUS Tool

You can download it from our customer area:


For login you need to enter your product key. This key you already used for activation.

After login you click on "Offline Activation" button and click on the link RUS and download the RUS tool (see green arrow).


Generate ID file

Execute the RUS tool on the new PC (where you want to have the license transferred). Select the tab "Transfer License". Please press on the "..." button (orange arrow) to select the location and name for the ID file.

Press "Collect and Save Information" to generate the file. If the process was successful, you got a confirmation window.

Copy the generated ID file to the old PC (where the license is). Please do not close the RUS tool, we need it for later.

Generate license transfer file

Run the RUS tool on the old PC. Select the tab "Transfer License". Check if your license is transferable, visible in the license list (black arrow).

Select the location of the ID file (of the new PC) by pressing the "..." button (green arrow). Select where the transfer license should be saved, by selecting the "..." button (orange arrow) and select the license you want to transfer from the license list (black arrow).

Press the button "Generate License Transfer File" button. The file with the file ending ".h2h" should be generated on the desired location. Copy the file to the new PC. You can close the RUS tool on the old PC.

Activate transfer license

The tool RUS should running on the new PC, if not please start again. Select to the tab "Apply License File". Press the "..." button to select the ".h2h" transfer license file and press "Apply License" after selecting.

The output should look similar to this screenshot.

You are done. Thank you,

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